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"I have trained the strongest and most well conditioned men on the planet...Pound for Pound Singh blows these guys away."  -- Paul Vunak

"His patented state of the art system is called 'Action Strength'."

-- Paul Vunak 
Jeet Kune Do Master &
Instructor of US NAVY SEALS

"...The best...for non-martial artists who want to handle real-life self-defense situations like black belts."

Men's Journal - March,
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"The PFS system of hand to hand combat training as taught by you has saved lives in actual combat...Thank you!"
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Dr. Anshu Sabharwal has treated, trained and rehabilitated Olympic champions; NFL players, Martial Artists, weekend warriors and everyday men and women just like you.


Dr. Anshu Sabharwal conducts both private and public group training. She is highly sought after for her unique ability to both heal and strengthen her patients and students. Dr. Anshu Sabharwal is a Senior Instructor in Action Strength™- The Timeless Art and Science of Physical Culture. She is also one of a handful of students of Dr. Arnold Tayam and is certified in the Ancient Chinese Heeling Art of Qi Gong as an advanced Medical Qi Gong Practitioner. Her persistent training has also awarded her an Apprentice Jeet Kune Do and Filipino Martial Arts Instructorship under the Legendary Sigung Paul Vunak and his protege Sifu Harinder Singh. She is a certified Edged Weapons Defensive Tactics Instructor under Progressive Fighting Systems.


Dr. Sabharwal has found kettlebell training as an unparalleled means of rehabilitation for a wide variety of conditions that seemed to plateau with other types of treatment and exercise. She employs Functional Movement Exercises along with specific kettlebell training for rehabilitation, strength training and fat loss at Elite Chiropractic, where she is a member of a world class staff of healers and strength coaches.

Dr. Sabharwal was featured in Sigung Paul Vunak's latest Century Martial Arts Video Series Jeet Kune Do for Real World Combat. She was also featured in Harinder Singh's Century video Action Strength™ - The ultimate Strength and conditioning programming for martial artists and athletes.

Dr. Sabharwal is available for private and semi-private instruction by appointment only. She conducts seminars on a wide variety of topics covering Health and Rehabilitation, Strength Conditioning, to the Martial Arts. Dr. Sabharwal is best known for her women's specific programs. Taking the house mom to the Olympic athlete to the height of their physical and mental capabilities through her unique prescription of martial arts, strength conditioning, and ancient breathing and meditation practices.